When your property isn’t your own

https://youtu.be/2ls40dwCZ-Y In this video: How easements affect your property rights. Defining an encroachment. Ontario Real Estate Basics This stuff doesn’t come easy to most. Ownership structure, land rights, bylaws, financing, legal processes… there are a thousand details to keep track of in any real estate transaction. Unless you geek out over real estate. Then it’s [...]

Distilling Experience Into Advertising for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, how do you create marketing that is potent and persuasive without breaking the bank? From advertisements alone, your target market is exposed to thousands of messages every day. Putting a number to it is difficult. Researchers have said anywhere from 100 to 5000 ads per day. When you think about [...]

C. S. Lewis: Living In the Collision of Myth and Reason – Part One

Part One of a Four Part Review of C.S. Lewis: A Life by Alister McGrath Narnia was one of the only fantasy series I was allowed to read growing up. And as a kid, the BBC movies from the 80s were incredible. I saw them before reading the books. They inspired my imagination. I wanted [...]

Bill Gates’ Secret to Being Useful From 1996

In 1996 Bill Gates said that content would be the future of the internet. Nearly 20 years later, we can see that he was bang on. In fact, the internet is flooded with content: games, articles, cartoons, videos, memes, podcasts, music, streaming audio and video, and web apps. To the annoyance of many, corporations have [...]

Selling In Tough Times: The Sales Book that Makes Me Want to Sell

Take market share. Serve a specific need. Work hard to beat the competition. Nurture long term relationships. Understand your business cycle. Sell yourself out of a sales slump. I’m sold. As much as I hate being sold to, I love the idea of selling. There’s a frontier attraction to engaging people, fielding objections, turning their [...]

Rhythm In Your Content Marketing Mix: Creating an Engaging Content Strategy

The traditional marketing mix follows the 4 P’s model: price, product, place, and promotion. But marketing within that model requires some finesse. Especially in your content marketing mix. So give your marketing some rhythm. A good beat makes you want to move. It’s inspiring and motivational. There might not be any words, but you want [...]

Create Advertising People Want to Read; Think Like a News Editor

In advertising, relevance is king. The message of the ad has to matter to your audience. The same goes for news agencies. If the news story isn’t relevant, it won’t get ratings or readers. How news editors pick stories for each issue will teach you a lot about how to develop your next advertising campaign. [...]

The Three Body Problem: Grand Sci-Fi. Intimate Story.

It’s violent, but not vulgar. It uses hard science and hard emotions. The Three Body Problem is a grand scifi that plunges into granular detail. Its range of scope is astounding when you look back at it. From the Cosmos, to the subatomic. From individuals to whole societies, cultures and civilizations. How Cixin Liu ushered [...]