• How to Lower Your Mortgage Payment When You Renew - Joel Arndt - Mortgage Agent
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    How to Lower Your Mortgage Payment When You Renew

    The hard truth is that anyone renewing their 5 year old mortgage right now is getting a higher interest rate, meaning their mortgage payment is going to go up. If you’re in that situation, it can be a painful truth to face. Technically you qualified for your current mortgage at 5.25%, the stress test rate. But that doesn’t mean you can afford  to pay an interest rate of 5.25% or higher now. So what are your options? It will be hard to keep your budge intact with that higher payment, especially given current inflation levels. There are, however, a few ways to lower your mortgage payment and give your budget…

  • How to investing in the stock market
    Stock Investing

    How Stock Investing is Like Gardening

    Let’s help you wrap your head around the stock market and investing in stocks. If you’re having a hard time understanding a lot of the lingo, if all the charts and graphs go right over your head, you’re not alone. And there is nothing wrong with you. Let’s take a few steps back, right back to the ground level, maybe even get our hands a little dirty. 😉 A simple way to look at investing in stocks… Think of your stock portfolio as a garden. The plants are shares of companies (stocks). You design a garden that balances your needs and wants. Maybe a mix of flowers and bushes, vegetables…

  • Small Thoughts

    Make Money Online From Home – Amazon Associates Quick Guide

    A lot of people have just lost their jobs. (We’re in the middle of social isolation because of COVID-19 right now.) And I’m aware the NOBODY is invulnerable. So I want to start doing what I should have done a LOOOONG time ago. I learned about affiliate marketing almost 7 years ago. Do you think I did anything about it then? NOPE. Shame on me. But here I am, finally getting some affiliate marketing going. Hopefully it’s not too late. Time will tell. So what is affiliate marketing? I market someone else’s product and collect a commission for it. There are a thousand ways to do this, but the easiest…

  • When your property isn't your own Ontario Real Estate Basics
    Real Estate

    When your property isn’t your own

    In this video: How easements affect your property rights. Defining an encroachment. Ontario Real Estate Basics This stuff doesn’t come easy to most. Ownership structure, land rights, bylaws, financing, legal processes… there are a thousand details to keep track of in any real estate transaction. Unless you geek out over real estate. Then it’s just fun. I geek out over real estate. Granted there are definitely Ontario real estate laws and procedures that drive me up the wall, but mostly, it’s awesome! So I’m studying to license as an Ontario Realtor. It will be a dream come true to talk about real estate all day! 😊 But I figured, why…