Lift Off #5 – Social Media Mapping

Podcast Notes: One of the beautiful uses of social media is plotting posts on a map and observing geographic trends. Some examples: – Jakarta goes through serious flooding every year in monsoon season. PetaJakarta has launched an application that monitors Twitter for @petajkt and #banjir. Citizens of Jakarta can take pictures of flooded areas, […]

Lift Off #4 – Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Podcast Notes I may not be the foremost expert in real estate marketing, but I know that cold calling is the biggest tactic agents use in the beginning to find clients. Here are some ideas to market your real estate practice without cold calling: Choose a specialization (first time buyers, seniors, cottages, commercial property, etc). […]

Lift Off #2 – Social Media Ideas for a Driving School

Podcast Notes: Social Media Marketing Brainstorming for Genesis Road Safety Educators In Ontario, if you take a certified driver training course, you can get your full license quicker, and it helps keeps your insurance rates lower. Much of the time it’s for teenagers who are just getting their license. A presence on social media could make […]

How A School Used Blogging To Fight The Recession And Win More Admissions

In the past, we’ve looked at how blogging can benefit businesses (and schools), and we’ve calculated the cost of blogging as well. Now let’s look a real life examples of blogging with actual business value. Sewickley Academy struggled with sagging admissions when the Recession hit. Their response was to start a blog. As you’ll read […]

End Your Struggle to Track the ROI of Content Marketing Once-and-for-all

Only 21% of B2B companies are effectively tracking the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. Many (84%) cite “Brand Awareness” as the goal for their content marketing, but they are also struggling to measure the effectiveness of their content. Can you identify? These stats come from Content Marketing Institute’s  “2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and […]

How Selling Wins Hearts at 4 Important Moments

Good marketing is always selling. The best marketing knows what to sell people at each stage of their journey. But selling doesn’t always involve making a financial purchase. Sometimes the purchase is made with time and energy invested into research or with an email address in exchange for access to information. Your customers are on […]

Creating a Customer Experience to Match a $311,000,000 Digital Investment

Your company was pretty eager to invest in new media, but now it’s a struggle to match your marketing message with the digital platform. Now you’re active on 14 different social channels, you have 3 apps for iOS, Andriod and Windows users, and your email list just hit 10,000 subscribers! Great, right?… Then why are […]

Creating Happy Customers Starts and Ends With…Marketing?

“I’m going to buy from you because I know I’m going to be taken care of.” This sentiment is birthed in marketing. Let’s say your friend mentioned something about my brand a few weeks back. Then you saw my ad in your Gmail account out of the corner of your eye. One day you run into […]