How to Tune Your Marketing For Maximum Performance

Marketing is an engine that needs to be tuned, oiled, and monitored. As long as your marketing is in top shape, your business is at peak performance. People are wind under your business’ wings. Marketing generates thrust; it gets people to move, to interact, and to buy. At the same time, a well tuned, powerful […]

What Blogging Will Cost You In Hours And Dollars

Last week you read about why blogging is such an asset to business. But because we are taking the business perspective, the expense has to be weighed as well as the return. Only then can we see the true business value of blogging. I’ve identified the primary elements of blogging and examined both the dollar […]

Blogging For Lead Generation, SEO, And Customer Experience

The Huffington Post is making almost $29,896 a day from blogging. Mashable comes in second place at $15,781 per day (according to this article). Blogging is their primary function. Granted, the top earners in blogging make their money from advertising on their sites. How is this relevant for a corporation not interested in blogging as […]

LinkedIn Turns a Privacy Policy into a Marketing Win

LinkedIn sent an email to it’s users this morning about some up-coming changes to it’s User Agreement (UA). The changes focus on making the UA easier to digest, but LinkedIn also clarifies some policies regarding our right to ownership of the content we post on LinkedIn. LinkedIn always valued their users’ right to content ownership, […]

The #1 Strategy for Clear, Flexible, and Strong Marketing

Great marketing is more powerful than great art, literature, or music. The arts inspire us inwardly. Marketing inspires us to action. Marketing uses the arts to be attractive and effective. But there is just one strategy that must be in place for any of it to work. Without this marketing strategy, your copy is confusing, […]