Meet Andrew & Andy. They’re Helping Hamilton Love Jesus.

These two men are Christian leaders in Hamilton, helping people connect with God (Andrew on the left, Andy on the Right). Both are doing simple, but fun things to bring believers together, train them in spiritual disciplines, create spaces for worship, and build up the church in Hamilton. And both men are just getting started, […]

Lift Off #17 – Reciprocity, Generosity, and Greed

Podcast Notes: There’s a weird truth about greed. The more someone consumes the resources you produce, the more they feel they owe you a little. You can feed greed by promising more money, more popularity, and greater status, but the real power of greed is when you are generous. Deliver more value than your customers […]

Lift Off #16 – Public Relations

Podcast Notes: Public Relations is a different discipline than advertising but it’s not separate. Organizations distribute PR material to news editors in hopes of free publicity. When your business releases a new product, service, achieves some milestone, or significantly impacts the community, it can be delivered as a news story. If your material is picked […]

Lift Off #15 – Create a Universe

Podcast Notes: is a podcast for starups. They do weekly interviews with successful startups and ask the questions that new entrepreneurs are brooding over. They published a book called “Plan Twice. Build Once.” It’s a collection of 100 quotes from entrepreneurs they’ve interviewed. The quotes are action focused and motivational in nature. They are […]