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Lift Off #2 – Social Media Ideas for a Driving School

Podcast Notes:

Social Media Marketing Brainstorming for Genesis Road Safety Educators

  • In Ontario, if you take a certified driver training course, you can get your full license quicker, and it helps keeps your insurance rates lower.
  • Much of the time it’s for teenagers who are just getting their license. A presence on social media could make you the recognizable choice.
  • The first think I noticed in Genesis’ ad was their tagline. It’s too vague, there’s no real promise or benefit in it. Here’s a couple alternatives I came up with:
    • Teaching drivers safety from beginning to end.
    • Giving you confidence behind the wheel
  • Images or videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    • Pictures of students.
    • Pictures of historic accidents and how they might have been avoided.
    • Videos of accidents from the news, or user submitted, (with the permission of all parties involved of course), with insight on how they might have been avoided.
    • You would have to be as gracious as possible, not judgemental.
  • Road safety quick-tips for when you’re in danger.
    • What to do when your wheels lock up.
    • How to swerve and not wreck.
    • How to pull your car out of a fish tail.
    • What to do in thick fog, or pouring rain, or heavy snow.
  • Road safety equipment.
    • Do snow tires really work
    • The proper first aide kit to have in your car
    • How to change a flat tire.

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