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Lift Off #4 – Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Podcast Notes

I may not be the foremost expert in real estate marketing, but I know that cold calling is the biggest tactic agents use in the beginning to find clients. Here are some ideas to market your real estate practice without cold calling:

  • Choose a specialization (first time buyers, seniors, cottages, commercial property, etc).
  • Put flyers in HR offices that companies can give to new hires from out of town.
  • Mail out a newsletter to your target audience that empathizes with their pain and frustration when selling a new home. Provide insight into how they can avoid those pains.
  • Build an email list that instantly updates your subscribers with new listings on the market.
  • Join (or start) and economic development team to stay in touch with new industries and new professionals that are moving into your area.
  • Do a monthly home safety, real estate investment, or interior decorating workshop in your community. People who attend will know who to go to when they want to sell. You’ll build reputation in the community and people will point buyers your way.

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