Twitter’s influencer pipe dream

Influencers are millennials trying to cash in on their social media followers. Twitter wants you to believe that influencers drive purchase decisions. This social media exec says otherwise. From Digiday's Confessions of a social media exec, you see a much different picture of influencers than the infographic Twitter posted a couple days ago. Brands have [...]

6 Websites That Create an Inspiring Reading Experience

If you're going to publish content for customers or readers, make reading an inspiring experience. Just like the sales process, you want as little friction as possible when people encounter your content. Providing an enjoyable reading environment makes your message memorable, holds readers to the content longer, promotes sharing, and could even lead to inspired [...]

6 Profit-Breaking Assumptions About Long Copy Ads

Magazine advertising is not what it used to be. Ads are so visually focused, it seems like graphic designers control the advertising industry now. I'm not complaining. There are some incredible designs that can say a lot with colours and contours. But when someone discovers a new product, they have hesitations and insecurities that need [...]

Where to Start When You Want to Advertise On Facebook

Here is a no-nonsense guide to creating Facebook ads. Answer the questions, follow the action steps, pay attention to each image and you'll be ready to start marketing on Facebook in minutes. To advertise on Facebook, you have to set up a company Page for your business. Once that's complete, you'll be able to start [...]

Case Study: Realistically Profiting with Social Media

The old saying, "the money is in the list" holds true for your social media audience. If you have an audience, you have a list of interested prospects. On social media, your customers become your audience. Small businesses thrive on the personal interaction they can give their customers. Social media enhances your ability as a [...]

Universal Social Media Rules as Told from the UAE

To prove social media is a global experience, the first post of 2015 is a feature interview with the wonderful Amar Majali, a digital media expert from one of the largest telecom companies in the United Arab Emirates. The advice and insight Amar provides comes from years of experience in Arabic and English marketing. She graduated [...]