Real Estate Investing Jump Start Book List

When I first started studying money and investing, real estate jumped out at me as the most enticing solution.

Real estate investing seemed like my gateway to financial independence. So I devoured as many books as I could, took courses and went to networking events for real estate investors.

It all lead to my first deal and my pursuit of a career in real estate.

Here are all the books that I lean on when it comes to understanding the basic concepts, systems, and mindset necessary to be a successful real estate investor.

Long Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene

I’ve listened to this a few times on Audible.

David Greene is police officer who found financial independence through real estate investing. He lives in California, where house prices are high and competition is fierce. So he started looking out of state. Maybe you’re situation is similar to David’s:

  • Your home city is expensive. To invest in your own backyard, it requires more cash than you have available.
  • Your local market is hot and competitive, with bidding wars on almost every property.
  • You are a systematic thinker, able to make rational, numbers based decisions, and you don’t need to be completely hands on.

Then consider investing in a different city. Maybe even one that’s too far for an afternoon drive.

Long Distance Real Estate Investing unpacks the systems David used to build a thriving real estate investing career in cities that were several States away.

This is totally worth the read (or listen) if you want to invest in other cities. Click here to get Long Distance Real Estate Investing on Amazon.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

This book helped pull me out of the weeds.

There are so many metrics and strategies in real estate investing that it can be difficult to know when you’ve found a deal or not. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor helped me take the guesswork out of finding deals.

If you’ve felt like you’re floundering when looking for deals, than this book will help you in a few ways:

  • You’ll zero in on your investing criteria, defining exactly what a deal looks like for you.
  • You’ll find a lead generation and acquisition model that turns your investing into a business.
  • You’ll be able to map out your path to financial independence through real estate, whether you’re interested in being a millionaire or not.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a great book to help bring focus to your investing strategy. Click here to get The Millionaire Real Estate Investor on Amazon.

The Go-Giver

I get really anxious about competition and overwhelmed by how “unqualified” I am for anything in real estate investing

The Go Giver grounds me in one extremely simple philosophy: does it serve?

Business and investing can be an ocean of sharks. People can be unscrupulous, self-serving and manipulative. Ego abounds.

The Go-Giver reminds me regularly (because I listen to it regularly) that truly successful people know how to serve, not just sell.

If you’ve felt like your swimming in dangerous water, where everyone seems to be out for blood, than this book will help you in a few ways:

  • As philosophical as it is, there are some basic, practical truths that you will use every day.
  • It will show you how to separate from the self-serving crowds and actually offer value to those around you.
  • You’ll be able to tackle every problem, fully confident that there are unlimited resources available to build the solution.

The Go-Giver will show you a wholesome, value-driven business philosophy that will serve you for life. Click here to get The Go-Giver on Amazon.

Never Split the Difference

You might be terrified of negotiating. Or you may love negotiating. Either way, you’ll love this book.

If you feel handicapped walking into any negotiation, this book will help you find your legs.

If you love the strategy and problem-solving nature of negotiation, this book will give you insight into the master’s method.

Never Split the Difference is written by a former FBI hostage negotiator. His stories can be wild, but he breaks everything down into relevant pieces that you can use in your next negotiation, such as:

  • How mirroring will unlock little secrets.
  • Get to “no,” and then get it out of the way.
  • How to drive a hard, successful bargain.
  • Get them to say, “You’re right,” and change the whole negotiation.

Never Split the Difference will give you a toolbox of negotiation tactics that don’t feel slimy or manipulative. Click here to get Never Split the Difference on Amazon.

How to use these books

Every single one of these I listened to on Audible. There are a ton of investing and business books that I’ve listened to and read, but I’ve gone back to these ones over and over again.

How you digest these books is up to you, but please, don’t just blast through them. Take your time. Learn from them. Absorb them. Allow them to shift how you think and operate.

Thank you so much for reading this far. If you clicked through and bought anything, double thank you! I earn a small commission from each sale that Amazon makes off this page.

I would love to hear about what you learned from each book. Email me here. I’ll share some of my favourite parts of each book as well.

Happy reading (or listening)!