Lift Off #17 – Reciprocity, Generosity, and Greed

Podcast Notes: There’s a weird truth about greed. The more someone consumes the resources you produce, the more they feel they owe you a little. You can feed greed by promising more money, more popularity, and greater status, but the real power of greed is when you are generous. Deliver more value than your customers […]

Lift Off #16 – Public Relations

Podcast Notes: Public Relations is a different discipline than advertising but it’s not separate. Organizations distribute PR material to news editors in hopes of free publicity. When your business releases a new product, service, achieves some milestone, or significantly impacts the community, it can be delivered as a news story. If your material is picked […]

Lift Off #15 – Create a Universe

Podcast Notes: is a podcast for starups. They do weekly interviews with successful startups and ask the questions that new entrepreneurs are brooding over. They published a book called “Plan Twice. Build Once.” It’s a collection of 100 quotes from entrepreneurs they’ve interviewed. The quotes are action focused and motivational in nature. They are […]

Marketing Strategies That Stick Like Nike, Netflix, and Apple

Indelible: making marks that cannot be removed; not able to be forgotten or removed. You want your marketing to be warmly remembered for a long time to come. This is called “indelible marketing” and many companies try for this, but only a few succeed. There are marketing strategies that have won hearts, not just sales. […]

Lift Off #11 – Newsjacking

Podcast Notes: Being relevant is being current. When something happens that affects your audience, weighing in with insight or an opinion demonstrates your brand’s human nature and your expertise. That’s newsjacking. But who has time to scour the news and find stories worthy of commentary? Everyone. We all do it. Sitting down for coffee, chair […]

Lift Off #10 – Clever Marketing by Crew

Podcast Notes: Crew is from Montreal and they have a wonderful marketing strategy. First, you need to know how Crew works. They act as the middle man, connecting professional designers and developers with entrepreneurs who have a website or an app they want to develop. It’s not like elance or Freelancer where the developers bid […]