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The #1 Strategy for Clear, Flexible, and Strong Marketing

Great marketing is more powerful than great art, literature, or music. The arts inspire us inwardly. Marketing inspires us to action.

Marketing uses the arts to be attractive and effective. But there is just one strategy that must be in place for any of it to work. Without this marketing strategy, your copy is confusing, the discovery experience won’t match first impressions of handling the product, and your company could be sending different messages from different departments.

Here’s what you’re aiming for, three major characteristics that this one strategy will provide:


You measure trends, behaviours, triggers, and purchase paths. Knowing how your prospects and customers are interacting with you business directs your marketing.

In fact, the mountain of data that you have to sort through can give you vertigo. Not only are you tracking clicks and impressions, but reactions to different colour schemes, button placement, and image sizes.

Graciously, there are Big Data companies out there with solutions to organizing all the information. You may even have an Big Data department devoted to data extrapolation and interpretation.

But your reports and charts can’t be solely responsible for clearly directing your marketing.


How about the shifting landscape? The world is in flux. Always has been. But now we’re more connected. A news story can make waves across the world and still ripple through your home.

Staying on top of what’s happening and making current events relevant to your readers effectively wins trust and credibility. But with so much being reported in the news, from Hollywood, and everything trending on Twitter, keeping your head above the waves will exhaust you.

Thankfully you have RSS readers, aggregate sites, and Google Alerts to keep the streaming pop culture in one place.

But staying in-the-know doesn’t make you completely flexible.


Strong marketing is compelling. It’s hard to be compelling when you’re trying to stand out in a forest of towering trees.

Your marketing is competing for attention and there are plenty of other places for people to land out there. You may not have a huge competitive landscape, but because we subject ourselves to all kinds of notifications, alerts, and updates, it’s a daunting task for you to grab my attention.

When you do get my attention, can you compel me to take action? Every cry for attention is partnered with a cry for involvement. Why should the reader get involved with you?

Luckily you don’t have to have EVERYONE’s attention. Targeting is easy and vital to any successful, measurable marketing effort. But targeting is only one element in any marketing strategy.

So here it is, the #1 marketing strategy:

Clearly define your marketing message.

Have it written down, posted somewhere visible, and on the top of every planning document. It’s one statement about how you serve your customers that will be a trunk for your campaigns to branch from.

A clearly defined marketing message will:

  • Set a direction for your marketing and guide your use of all the data that is pouring in.

  • Allow you to respond to situations and events in a way that is relevant to your customers.

  • Keep your targeting focused on the right people.

It also roots your company’s identity in your ability to serve people in a specific way.

If you have a large corporation, all your departments can move forward as one unit because there is a unifying message that you all hold to.

I love different marketing techniques and strategies, but without a solid marketing message in place, it will all fall apart eventually.

Have you ever experienced that? Confusing results, dissension in the team, friction between customer and company all because of a misunderstanding in the marketing?

Has your company rallied around one idea or message? How do you take that message into everyday operations?

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