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Creating Happy Customers Starts and Ends With…Marketing?

“I’m going to buy from you because I know I’m going to be taken care of.” This sentiment is birthed in marketing.

Let’s say your friend mentioned something about my brand a few weeks back. Then you saw my ad in your Gmail account out of the corner of your eye. One day you run into a problem you’ve never faced before and you start searching for solutions.

Lo-and-behold my company pops up again. Clicking through to the website, you begin to explore. As you better understand what we offer, you can’t help but like this company.

The video tour of our product forced you to chuckle (and you looked around embarrassed, hoping no-one heard you). Our testimonials had you nodding as you identified with other people’s stories. You actually said, “No kidding!?” out loud when you read some surprising stats on a popular post from our blog.

Being the diligent consumer you are, you forced yourself to research other companies. But no matter what, you couldn’t help thinking back to my company. Either the competition wasn’t as entertaining, or their features page was a little more confusing, or their testimonials all sounded the same. Some of those companies have better prices, but you’re still hooked on my brand.

So you buy from me. You were convinced that I could take care of you.

Some businesses think that the sale is the start of the customer relationship. But your relationship with my brand started the instant you noticed me.

A customer’s experience begins with marketing, and as you will see, marketing defines the rest of their experience as well.

Lay The Foundations Of Customer Experience At The Moment They Discover You

Let’s switch roles. I’m the happy customer excited about using your product. Everything that has led me to purchase your product has endeared me to your company. In the beginning, your name meant nothing to me, but your marketing message made the introduction.

Experience is coloured by how we feel. If my initial moments of discovery aren’t emotionally engaging, then I’m either going to keep searching, or my experience with you will be bland.

Great messages identify with people, making it easy for them to connect with your offer. In order for your marketing to draw my attention, you need to know what I’m going to connect with.

Much of the time your marketing message is a person’s first impression of your company and product. Lay out the table for the passer-by. Craft a marketing message that the stranger can identify with, that gets them laughing, nodding, and saying things out-loud involuntarily. That’s a foundation that is hard to shake.

Help Me Believe That Relief is Found in Your Product

Not only does marketing create an experience, it promises a specific future experience too.

I will buy from you because I believe you can deliver the relief I seek. Your marketing succeeds, not just because you made a sale, but because I’m convinced that you’ll deliver the full experience.

Your message builds expectation in me. As I connect with your message, I begin to hope for the same experience when I use your product. I expect a recognizable experience in the delivery of your solution.

That’s why it’s important to have a consistent message that your company can rally around. As long as your marketing message is valued throughout your company, customers won’t be disappointed. The same emotions and sentiments I found so attractive in the beginning will persist throughout the life of my business with you.

Wow Me Again As I Explore My New Life With Your Brand

After you deliver, your marketing continues to wow me with what you offer, showing me the broad landscape of new and relevant solutions.

My life with your business should be adventurous and thrilling. It’s doesn’t have to be extreme, but discovery shouldn’t be reserved for the start of the relationship. The many uses of your product and the different solutions it brings that I DIDN’T expect can all serve to enhance my experience.

Show me new methods and creative uses. Demonstrate the rich history or the intricate story behind your product and your company. This is all marketing. You’re walking me through the new life I now have with your product.

And then up-sell. Wow me again. Show me how much easier life would be with an upgrade. Continue giving me reasons to do business with you by unveiling new landscapes to me.

Plus, how your product relieves my pain becomes a new story in your marketing arsenal.

How Well Does Your Marketing Message And Customer Support Line Up?

Your customer support relies on your marketing message as well. When I run into problems with your product, your customer support has to line up with your original promises made in the marketing that drew me in.

If your customer support is communicating the same message that convinced me to buy, then you have strengthened our relationship.

Before this conflict I was a happy customer. Now that I know your brand is true, even through conflict, I’m a loyal customer.

This is how you win a customer from discovery to loyalty. It starts with a marketing message that promises the customer will be taken care of and continues as you deliver on that promise without fail.

Have you found a brand that hasn’t let you down yet? When a business has let you down, did they attempt to reconcile with you?

Comment with your story below. And share this post, please! Let’s hear other stories of good or bad customer experiences.


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