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Lift Off #11 – Newsjacking

Podcast Notes:

Being relevant is being current. When something happens that affects your audience, weighing in with insight or an opinion demonstrates your brand’s human nature and your expertise. That’s newsjacking.

But who has time to scour the news and find stories worthy of commentary? Everyone. We all do it. Sitting down for coffee, chair talk at the barbershop, waiting while your gas tank fills up, or while your credit card payment is processed at the cashier. We make comments about the weather, sports, or a news story we heard in on the radio on our way to work, or on the morning show we were watching while eating breakfast.

Turn your small talk into insightful commentary for your audience. Take an angle that nobody has thought of yet. Take an angle that makes sense to your audience. It can be a simple tweet, a well thought out blog, or a full feature article for your local paper.

This means your brand needs to think like a journalist. Think about the 5 W’s:

  • Who in your audience does this affect? Who does it interest?
  • What does it matter to your readers? What can they do about it; to avoid it, to embrace it?
  • When did it happen? When will the fall-out take place? When can your readers see results?
  • Where is the best place to make comment (blog, social media, print publications)? Where should your readers go to learn more?
  • Why do you care? Why did it happen, why will you avoid or embrace it?
  • How does this affect your business, industry, and the lives of your readers?

(Shameless plug: if you want someone to take care of the writing for you, check this out.)

Here are news stories that could be used for newsjacking:

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