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Lift Off #12 – Using Reviews as Ads

Can you think of the products or services you use regularly that were referred to you by a friend or relative?

Word of mouth marketing will always win out over display ads, billboards, commercials, and social ads. When someone you trust refers you to a business that they had a good experience with, you’re more inclined to check that business out.

That’s why we search for reviews when we are researching a product? Actually, I ask my facebook friends first, “Has anyone used X product before? What was it like?” Then I go for reviews.

Advertisers have known since the dawn of advertising that customer stories are powerful elements in any ad. Testimonials are essential to the success of your marketing. When you’re on the tipping point, teetering between moving on to a competitive brand or making a purchase, reading, seeing, or hearing someone else’s story can seal the deal for that product.

I found InPowered, a marketing service that finds reviews written by other people about your product / service and posts them as ads.

InPowered buys media space all over the web and in apps. It also works with social media ads. Their software will scour the internet for reviews of your product. They measure the response to each review and display the most popular reviews in your ads.

The example they use on their website is BMW. Some car magazine test drives the new BMW model and writes a review online. InPowered finds that review, discovers it’s getting a lot of traffic, and makes that review the primary ad on facebook and some other sports car enthusiast websites.

InPowered used to charge per click, but marketers found that pure traffic wasn’t worth it (duh, we want involvement). So InPowered changed their model slightly. Now they charge you when someone clicks on your ad AND views that review for 15 seconds or more. They also charge you when someone shares the ad through social media.

They’ve tested out the platform with some major brands and so far they’ve seen “encouraging” results.

It’s a great idea and I like the business model, but honestly, you can do this yourself. Find some good reviews that people have written online and make them an ad. The advantage InPowered provides is monitoring for new reviews, their ad reach across the web, and measuring the popularity of each review.

The business model is really smart. Deliver content already created as powerful advertising.  InPowered doesn’t have to provide content, you don’t have to provide content. Easy service.

They don’t have to keep inventory of anything, there’s no physical product to worry about. They are delivering a really valuable service and only charging for tangible results. I love that they charge only for shares or when someone clicks AND stays. That show me that InPowered is devoted to getting results for you.

Again, any business can do this though. Collect the best, most popular reviews and use them for ads. You can measure the popularity of a web page using Topsy, Buzzsumo, Open Site Explorer, and many other tools. If you would like to know more about tracking your sites popularity, email me! We can walk through a few simple steps to see how your content ranks.

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