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Lift Off #15 – Create a Universe

Podcast Notes: is a podcast for starups. They do weekly interviews with successful startups and ask the questions that new entrepreneurs are brooding over.

They published a book called “Plan Twice. Build Once.” It’s a collection of 100 quotes from entrepreneurs they’ve interviewed. The quotes are action focused and motivational in nature.

They are essentially monetizing their podcast. But it got me thinking about reversing their process. Write a book, the produce a podcast to promote it. You could also build a blog, record videos, create attractive graphics, or develop a free web tool (although that would be a tad pricey).

The point is, marketing is media heavy. Always has been. Marketing is also value driven. Always has been.

If you’re an author, you can promote your book through the podcast. Interview other experts, answer questions, but more importantly, go deeper into the subject matter of the book.

Create a universe on your own media space with characters and plot that envelopes your audience. This way your readers not only have your book to rely on, but your podcast, blog, and other content that adds to their reading experience.

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