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Lift Off #8 – Audio Snippets: Bobler

Podcast Notes:

Bobler is the audio form of Twitter. It’s extremely new but gaining momentum. When I found Bobler, it got me thinking about many excellent marketing and customer service applications.

Audio is powerful tool, hence why I produce this podcast. It allows your audience to hear you voice, making your brand human and personal. It’s a much more vulnerable medium as well; they can hear the mistakes you make, but they can also hear your passion.

Even without the dedicated social network, Bobler is a great communication tool, making it simple to record and share all in one process.

Here are some ideas for businesses using audio snippets:

  • This is great for testimonials. Either you or your sales team can record 2 minutes of praise from satisfied clients. It’s one thing to read a testimonial, but to hear the storyteller’s voice makes each story twice a believable. Plus, most people love being featured by brands or personalities they respect.
  • Answer questions in a much more personal and meaningful way. Any time you receive an email, tweet, or facebook message with a question about your product/service, answering in your voice, rather than writing, would solidify your credibility and humanize your brand.
  • When you want to make an announcement, start with a 2 minute sound bite. Make it exciting. Use it as a teaser that leads to the larger written or video announcement.
  • Record live on location at a special event. Record funny and inspiring moments. Record experiences from other people at the event with you.
  • When brainstorming new product or offer ideas, share small snippets with your audience as teasers and insight into your decision making process.
  • Obviously this is an excellent tool for musicians to tease new songs, riffs, melodies, harmonies, drum fills, etc.
  • Authors can read portions of their books and share it.

Really, this is a great way to have a conversation with your audience.

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