Open Sky Copywriting

Open Sky Copywriting was the marketing and copywriting business I started in 2014.


Years before, I remember walking to work most days, wondering how I could possibly monetize my only real skill, writing. When I discovered copywriting and marketing I was hooked.

Self-doubt and some crazy life transitions brought this chapter of my life to a close, but I’m thankful for everything it gave me.

Open Sky Copywriting focused on content and direct marketing. This site has an archive of the blog posts from Open Sky Copywriting.

Here are some kind words from clients I got to work with:

Joel is proactive. He brings ideas to us on how to improve our profile. Many customers mention that they found out about the store from his tweets and web posts. – Mary McGown

We are extremely pleased with Joel’s professionalism and eagerness to get the job done.  The one thing that impresses us time and time again is Joel’s ability to write about a topic that he initially knows nothing about.  He simply does the research and starts writing. This hands on approach saves us time and money and it’s great that we can simply give him a topic and trust that it will be taken care of. – John Paul McDonald

We were looking for creative copy that would fit well into a mini-portfolio we leave with prospects and clients. Joel found exactly the tone and message we wanted. We are happy to go to him with many of our copywriting needs. – Jason Sanderson

We got exactly what we needed. Joel understood the problem and came back with a perfect solution. I highly recommend his copywriting services. – Anthony Stanisci