Storytelling for Real Estate Professionals

6 pillars of strategic storytelling:

  1. Be Genuine. No Gloss.
    • This is usually when your confidence comes through.
  2. Be intentional. Have a plan.
  3. Stay consistent. Work your plan.
  4. Be repetitive, not redundant.
  5. Get practical.
  6. Be available.
    • This doesn’t mean you have to be on your phone all the time. Turn your expertise into content and make your content easy to access.

Ready to write articles, create social posts, produce videos and record podcasts? No? Not a problem.

My name is Joel Arndt.

I love telling stories.

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One conversation is all we need.

Of course, I would love to talk more, but it won’t take much to turn your experience and expertise into a steady stream of warm leads.

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