When your property isn't your own Ontario Real Estate Basics
Real Estate

When your property isn’t your own

In this video:

  • How easements affect your property rights.
  • Defining an encroachment.

Ontario Real Estate Basics

This stuff doesn’t come easy to most.

Ownership structure, land rights, bylaws, financing, legal processes… there are a thousand details to keep track of in any real estate transaction.

Unless you geek out over real estate. Then it’s just fun. I geek out over real estate.

Granted there are definitely Ontario real estate laws and procedures that drive me up the wall, but mostly, it’s awesome!

So I’m studying to license as an Ontario Realtor. It will be a dream come true to talk about real estate all day! 😊

But I figured, why wait. To help me study, why not “teach” (I use that term very loosely) what I’m learning. Why not just talk about the cool stuff and not so cool stuff.

Sort through the wild world of Ontario real estate with all of you and I get to talk about real estate more!

Plus, you’ll get to pick up on little tidbits that you never knew were important. Or you may find the answer to specific questions.

In any case, I hope you walk away with something useful.

Comment with your thoughts and questions and I’ll do my best to convey answers as I come across them.

If real estate intrigues you, subscribe so you see the new video every week.

Thanks for joining me on this ride. It’s pretty cool, especially when you get to do it with friends.

(Cover Photo Courtesy of https://unsplash.com/@tlholly)

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